Empulse is an evidence-based intervention. All our tools incorporate research from preventative medicine, social entrepreneurship, and behavioral economics. Read more below! 

EVidence on Basic Needs

The evidence shows that for someone to improve their life, they must have their basic needs met first. We examined lots of research to see how we could connect people who were lacking basic needs, with people who were willing to help.

EVidence on Community Wellness

Humans are a collaborative species. The truth is we like to help each other, we feel better when everyone has enough to be comfortable. Altruism is all-too-real and most people really do get a kick out of being generous. We looked at lots of research to see how we could help the average person feel better about their morning commute.


Empulse was created to make it easier to measure homelessness without hurting people. We hoped that if we could measure poverty more effectively, it would make it easier for policymakers and nonprofits to advocate for change. We think cities can be clean and healthy, but you can’t fix what you can’t measure. We looked at lots of research to see how we can use data and artificial intelligence can help us make better policies.


Be truthful, Gentle, and kind.